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Condensate Pump Replacement
A/C Coil and Condenser Coil Cleaning
Electronic Air Cleaners
Preventive Maintenance Schedule
Forced Hot Air Duct Zoning
UV Light Air Purifiers
Commercial Rooftop Service and Installs
Air Cleaners and Humidifiers
Unit Heaters
Furnace Service and Replacement
Replacement Thermostats
Mobile Home Packaged Units
Boiler Services and Replacements
In-Floor Radiant Heat
Baseboard Heat
Tankless on Demand Hot Water Heaters
Traditional and Direct Vent Hot Water Tanks
Ultra High-Efficiency Boilers and Furnaces
Light Commercial and Residential Services
New Home Installations
Power Vent Installs and Service
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It’s recommended that you have your Air Conditioner checked at least once a year. We know on the South Shore here in Massachusetts that there is nothing worse than your air conditioner being out of service at the peak of the summer.

A regularly scheduled maintenance could help find problems before they occur as a major costly problem.

Minuteman Heating & A/C . I will be Happy to Serve You, where Customer Satisfaction is Key to a Happy Customer and a Good Relationship. I serve Southeastern Massachusetts, from Braintree to Cape Cod.


Lower operating costs: A well-maintained equipment uses less energy

Longer equipment life: Well maintained equipment lasts longer

Fewer repairs: Equipment that is regularly maintained normally have less costly repairs

Safer system: equipment that is clean and well maintained will provide a healthy indoor air environment for your family


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Experience the fusion of imagination and expertise with Études Architectural Solutions.

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